ALT--the Analytical-Literal Translation
AMP--the Amplified Bible
ANT--The Authentic New Testament
ASV--the American Standard Version
ATT-An American Translation(Beck)
AKJV – American King James Version
BBE--the Bible In Basic English
BDRL-The Bible Designed to Be Read as Literature
Bible, Colloquial Japanese
Bilingual Bible Japanese-English
Bishops' Bible
Brenton's English Tranlsation of the Septuagint
BV--Berkeley Version in Modern English
BWE--the Bible in Worldwide English
 Centenary Translation of the New Testament 1924
CEB--the Common English Bible
CEV--the Contemporary English Version
Charles Thomson's Translation
Christian Community Bible
CJB--the Complete Jewish Bible
CPDV--Catholic Public Domain Version
DBY--the Darby Bible
EBR--Rotherham's Emphasized Bible
EEB--Easy English Bible
ERV--the Easy-to-Read Version
ESV--the English Standard Version
ESV Study Bible
FFB-Ferrar Fenton Bible
 A New Version of The Four Gospels
GNB--the Good News Bible:(TEV--Today's English Version)
 Gutenberg Bible
HCSB--the Holman Christian Standard Bible 
IB-Interlinear Bible (Green) 
The Illustrated Bible retold and explained 
ISV--The Holy Bible:the Interantional Standard Version 
John Wesley New Testament
Julia E Smith Parker Translation
KJ21--the 21st Century King James Version
KJV--the King James Version or Authorized Version
Knox's Translation of the Vulgate
La Bible de Jerusalemin
Lamsa Bible--The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts
 LEB--The Lexham English Bible
LEV--Literal English Version of Scripture
LITV--Green's Literal Translation
Londona Biblio
Matthew's Bible または Matthew Bible
MEV--Modern English Version
MLB--Modern Language Bible
MNT--The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, a New Translation
MRB--Modern Reader's Bible
NAB--the New American Bible
 NABRE--New American Bible Revised Edition
NASB--the New American Standard Bible
NCV--the New Century Version
NEB--the New English Bible
NET-the New Evangelical Translation New Testament
NETS--the New English Translation of the Septuagint
New Japanese Bible
NIrV--the New International Reader's Version
NIVI--the New International Version Inclusive Language Edition
NIV--the New International Version
NKJV--the New King James Version 
NLTse--the New Living Translation Second Edition
NLT--the New Living Translation
NLV--the New Life Version
NMB-The New Millennium Bible
Noah Webster's 1833 Limited revision of the King James Bible
The Nova Vulgata--Nova Vulgata Bibliorum Sacrorum Editio
NRSV-CE--the New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition
NRSV--the New Revised Standard Version
NTLT-The New Testament in the Language of Today
OSB--the Orthodox Study Bible
OSB--the Orthodox Study Bible
Phi--Phillips New Testament in Modern English
The Polyglot Bible
REB--the Revised English Bible
RNKJV--Restored Name King James Version
RSV-CE--the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition
RSV-SCE--the Revised Standard Version Catholic Second Edition
RSV--the Revised Standard Version
RSV Common Bible
RV--the Revised Version or English Revised Version
SBK--The Shorter Bible
SGAT-An American Translationz(Smith-Goodspeed)
Simplified New Testament
Sinai and Comparative New Testament
SSBE--The Sacred Scriptures Bethel Edition
Taverner's Bible
TCNT-The Twentieth Century New Testament
TDB--The Dartmouth Bible
The AV7 Bible(The New Authorized Version in Present-Day English)
the Clear Word
the Douay-Rheims Bible(D-R) Challoner Revision
the Geneva Bible
The Great Bible 
The Holy Bible Recovery Version
the Message (Bible)
the NET Bible--New English Translation
The New Interconfessional Translation
the New Interconfessional Translation
 OEB--Open English Bible
the Quaker Bible
the Reader's Digest Bible
the Simple English Bible
The Story Bible
the Third Millennium Bible
THE WORD-The Bible from 26 Translations
TJB--The Jerusalem Bible
TLB--The Living Bible
TNIV--Today's New International Version
TNJB--The New Jerusalem Bible
Tyndale, Tindall or Tyndall
UNT-Unvarnished New Testament
The Voice (Bible translation)
WE―Worldwide English (New Testament) 
 WGCIB―The Work of God's Children Illustrated Bible
WEB--the World English Bible
WNT-Weymouth New Testament
WPE-New Testament in Plain English
Wuest's Expanded translation
YLT-Young's Literal Translation